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"My mission is to use my gift to spread peace, Love and positivity throughout the world. My art is my weapon and my heart is the symbol to make change happen. I want to see a world where we all walk the streets as neighbors, not as strangers.


My Spread Love movement is meant to entice people to want to be better to themselves and to treat others better as a result, because after all Love starts within one's heart. I create art not only for myself, but for those around me. Each painting is made with one thing in mind, Love or the lack thereof. People tend to overlook its power. It has the ability to move people. To empower them to do great things. Opening yourself up and expressing yourself honestly to others is one of life's greatest pleasures. A smile on a stranger's face when you compliment them is beautiful. Each and every one of us are beautiful. Peaceful conversation can change the world. Love can change the world.

My art is meant to open the door to natural and healthy conversation about our emotions. Although each and every one of us are quite different, we all have similarities. We all have Loved or have been Loved. We have felt pain and sadness. We all have felt moments of anger and depression. We all know how it feels to have our hearts broken. Having that in mind, we must all realize that we're truly not so different. Compassion and Love can bring the world together. The reason I paint is to bring my community one step closer to the peace we all so desperately seek. Spread Love." 


-Zachary J. Rutter