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The "Spread Love Army" is a personal movement founded by Pittsburgh artist Zachary Rutter as a means to promote the message of love and positivity to end the war on hate. Rutter expresses this message through his portfolio of work and symbol the "Sun Heart" which can easily be found all around the world. This symbol represents the visual of love being spread in all different directions, as a reminder that love conquers all and should be shown to everyone. 


The #spreadlovebus is Pittsburgh's traveling reminder to spread love and be more compassionate towards others in the community. The bus was created in collaboration with Port Authority in early 2019 by Zachary Rutter, with intent of promoting positivity and the "Spread Love Army".

If you happen to see the bus around town, post a photo and tag #spreadlovebus and @spreadlovearmy on Instagram to keep the message going!


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